Singer shares thoughts on dating, self love, Swipe Right Material and more

Popular Punjabi anthems have taken every space in social media by storm. These songs are finding their way to be part of memes, reels and almost everyone’s music library. Reaching a stage of unmatched fame and popularity, Punjabi songs are now transcending linguistic barriers to reach almost every corner of India, and abroad. One of the most loved artists in the music industry to release chartbreakers like Lahore, High Rated Gabru and Tere Te, Guru Randhawa has unveiled yet another banger but with a special message for all.

After the success of his recent hit – Naach Meri Rani, Guru is back with another foot-tapping tune in collaboration with diverse and powerhouse artists such as Anirudh Ravichander and Dee MC called Swipe Right Material. The track that was already trending in the top 10 spot on Twitter on the day of the launch is an ode to being yourself and celebrating diversity and urges Gen Z to be their unique self, embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve.

Guru opens up about self-love, dating and Swipe Right Material in a candid conversation.

Que – How did you become a singer? Tell us about your journey

Ans – As a child, I loved watching TV and I was starstruck with people who came on TV. I too had a dream to be on TV someday. Born and raised in a small town, I was just as passionate about singing since the third grade as I am now. I would actively take part in school and college events and competitions. When I came to Delhi I took every opportunity possible to take up singing, performing and acting – be it opening shows for artists or singing and weddings. I write and compose my own songs and have worked every step of the way to achieve what I have today. I count everything I do in life, every new project, as a plus and am happy for where I have reached today.

Que – This song sure gives out a positive message – what was the inspiration behind doing this song for you?

Ans – The inspiration behind the song, personally for me, was to promote self-love for young Indians and do that in the best way possible – music. Swipe Right Material is an upbeat, fun song that aims at encouraging this generation to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate diverse backgrounds. The track features lyrics that urge this generation to be their unique self, embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve – and this couldn’t come at a better time than now.

Que – One thing you hold special about this song?

Ans – One of the most special things about this track is that it represents and brings together culture from across the nation. The song features three distinct genres of music, lyrics from different languages across the country, artists from all over India ultimately coming together for one idea – authenticity and self love. The artists Dee MC, Anirudh Ravichander and the whole Tinder team  have done a fabulous job.

Que – The song is all about self love, and acceptance – what’s your view on that? What does self love mean to you?

Ans – Self love and comfort are key for me. I strongly believe that if you wish for other people – your friends, family to love you then you must love yourself first – more than anyone else. There are various ways to show love to yourself and they would start with listening to your heart and intuition. The recent past has made everyone question the world around us. And as we figure our way around it, it is very important to remind ourselves just how perfect we are with all our imperfections. It is only when you accept yourself as you are and your little quirks, is when you will be able to love others or build true connections. With this song we have worked hard to echo these feelings. I am confident this track will not only make people groove but also spread hope and positivity amongst them to be your authentic selves.


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Que – What are a few things that you look for in your date?  What are the personality traits in you that makes you Swipe Right Material?

Ans – Everyone is Swipe Right Material – in their completely unique ways and it’s all about owning this confidence. However, for me some things I like in others are the way someone thinks about themselves and people around them, their knowledge and achievements etc. And ofcourse, a good smile never hurts.

Que – What would your bio on Tinder read?

Ans – Currently I am so on-board with what Swipe Right Material is aiming to say – that I would add the song in my bio and hope members who swipe right to me will like me for who I am.

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