Rashami Desai’s fans come in support after Devoleena uses the word ‘Cheap’

Well,  the biggest rift in the house has gone to another level. The friendship that Rashami had for Devoleena is all going in vain.

The ticket to finale race has already begun and the heat inside the house has been increasing day by day. Today’s episode of Big Boss had a lot in store for all the fans out there.

Devoleena demeans Rashami Desai and calls her by mean words. We see Rashami Desai breaking down. This was seen by fellow housemates but Shamita landed her some emotional support.

Rashami meanwhile opens up with Shamita stating how much she is hurt with Devoleena who she had a great bond with.  She used the word ‘Cheap’ and many other demeaning words.

Rashami couldn’t digest the fact, it’s Devoleena who is using such words. But let me tell you that, fans of Rashami Desai come in support for their favorite. They have clearly seen how much Devoleena is playing the game inside and has always spoken bad about Rashami to the fellow contestants.

Well, let me tell you that Rashami has been much loved by all her fans outside and even the host Salman Khan has referred to her as one of the strongest contestants inside the house.

It will be interesting to see how Rashami Desai takes it ahead in the coming days!



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