#ALTBingeFest: Code M & The Married Woman Producer Samar Khan speaks of his incredible journey on ‘The Producer’s Lab’ series

ALTBalaji’s campaign #ALTBingeFest has been an embarking one and has made a solid presence, especially amongst the tyros. As a part of the fest, the OTT platform decided to horde masterclasses for those aiming, to be a part of the entertainment industry in the future. After the successful master classes with the Writer’s lab and the Director’s lab the platform is back again with a series of The Producer’s Lab. The sole purpose of the series is educating the youth through their brilliant initiative, ‘The Producer Lab’ series on YouTube, which is a part of their #ALTBingeFest.

This series has ace ALTBalaji producers Samar Khan, Karan Raj Kohli, Sachin Mohite and Tanveer Bookwala, who have put forth their work in different genres through ALTBalaji, interacting with college students—educating these newbies who are about the enter the real world with their immense knowledge and experience in the industry. Tomorrow’s aspiring storytellers have too much to learn through this episodic that ALTBalaji has arranged for. Students having a candid conversation with the producers is a great way to observe and imbibe whatever they can learn from these masters of their art.

This week, ALTBalaji put forth the premiere episode from ‘The Producer’s Lab’ series. The series is for aspiring storytellers in association with R.D National College and MET Institute of Mass Media. The episode was aced by the famous producer Samar Khan who has produced a plethora of digital hits like The Married Woman, Code M, The Verdict and Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu to name a few. During the conversation, Samar gave a few tips to budding aspirants, some insights on his journey and a mantra to succeed in the industry.

Speaking about his career graph Samar shares, “My career began with the media revolution in India in 1994. Without having a media background, I think I was just at the right place, at the right time to be introduced to the industry. I have always loved the industry and being an ace debater in school helped a lot. I began as a radio jockey and the rest is history. I have learnt a lot working in the entertainment industry and through observations, I learnt a lot about film making too. Later on, as an entertainment journalist, I saw people like Yash Chopra, Ram Gopal Verma, etc be at the top of their game at work which fascinated me. I eventually learned how to tell a story and decided to start telling one.”

He further added, “I didn’t do well initially, and that made me work harder. After a few learnings, I met Ekta Kapoor, who asked me to produce my work creatively, and that is how I became a good showrunner. It has been a very eventful journey and I am extremely grateful to God for having these opportunities that most people might not have. So you learn over time through careful observations and extreme determination and that is exactly how you succeed in life with regards to anything and everything!”

Evidently, the producers conversing and handing out their great expertise to these students will be a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity for them.

Head to the ALTBalaji’a YouTube page to watch this episode right now!



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