Watch how the OG no. 1 Jodi went from apprehension to excitement when they met the new ‘jodi’

Who does not remember Govinda & Karisma lighting up the screen with their sizzling chemistry and perfect timing? Delivering hit after hit, these 2 are credited with some of the grooviest chartbusters, signature dance moves and epic dialogues. Undoubtedly, they ARE the OG No. 1 Jodi and all Govinda-Karisma fans would unanimously agree. But a little birdie tells us that the reigning jodi of Bollywood recently made way for the newest jodi in town? And after the initial apprehension, both Govinda & Karisma actually cheered on for this jodi. Matlab, inko mirchi to lagi… lekin phir maza bhi aaya?

Making an appearance together on-screen after many years, it all started with Govinda making a frantic call to Karisma to reveal that unse bhi dumdaar jodi launch hui hai. That was enough to wake Lolo from her slumber, sit up and take notice, literally! Dismissing it initially (‘cause who could possibly make a better jodi than these 2, right?) Karisma of course refuses to believe it. But when Govinda persists, she begins wondering who this could be. The plot thickens when Chi Chi informs that this jodi was launched on “public demand” and on his demand too. Now that gets her thinking. Imagine her surprise when Govinda adds that this jodi comes with a steamy chemistry, juicy andaaz and crunchy swag! She can barely contain her curiosity and just has to know who has launched this jodi; and with a big crunch, Govinda reveals ‘Colonel ne’.

That’s when we see cheeky Chi Chi biting into a crunchy KFC chicken piece as he fondly holds up the new KFC Biryani Bucket. If there was ever a jodi to surpass Govinda-Karisma, it had to be KFC’s hot & crispy chicken coming together with flavourful Biryani rice. Launched by none other than the OG celebrity chef Colonel Sanders, this is the perfect combination of texture, flavour & aroma in a Bucket; making it the Biryani of your dreams. One bite of this delectable KFC Biryani and certainly haseena maan jaayegi. And that’s exactly what happens when Karisma takes a bite, instantly agreeing – ye hi to hai no. 1 jodi!

Expressing her love for the KFC Biryani Bucket, Karisma Kapoor said, “It was absolute fun working with Chi Chi in this film for this new launch by KFC. The KFC Biryani Bucket combination is just so dumdaar – it’s the Biryani of my dreams with flavourful biryani rice and KFC’s iconic fried chicken. I love it and I’m sure everyone will too. This combination is truly Jodi no 1.”

On successfully pranking and then relishing the KFC Biryani Bucket with Lolo, Govinda, said, “Lolo and I share a special equation, and now we are sharing just as special a biryani – the KFC Biryai Bucket! It has been lovely to share the screen with Karisma again after so long. As much as I was excited to share news about the new KFC Biryani Bucket, I could not stop myself from creating some suspense around it first. You have to see her surprised face to believe it! This biryani is unlike any other, bringing together 2 of my personal favourites – KFC’s signature crispy chicken and flavourful biryani rice. Like I’ve said – ye hi to hai number 1 jodi!”

Karisma and Govinda’s adorable banter as they discuss this new jodi is winning hearts and has left people in splits. Their fun telephonic conversation has already garnered 467K views, with some interesting comments from users, within 48 hours. Haven’t seen it yet? Set your eyes on the newest dumdar jodi in town here: &

Such is the love for the KFC Biryani Bucket and for Chi Chi & Lolo, that fans cannot help but join the chatter. Even the self-confessed Govinda fan, actor Ranveer Singh commented “Outstanding!!” on the film. The ever so charming, Varun Dhawan, who’s known to be a big Chi Chi and Lolo fan, and an even bigger biryani lover, expressed his love for the newest, sizzling jodi in town. Posing with his newfound love – the KFC Biryani Bucket – omancing While enjoying some of the scrumptious KFC Biryani, Varun apologized to the OG No. 1 Jodi, as he professed his love for the newest ‘dumdaar jodi’ in town. In a tweet that read ‘KFC X Biryani – ye hi to hai asli No. 1 Jodi. Sorry, Lolo. Sorry, Chi Chi.’ Varun is posing alongside the new scrumptious KFC Biryani Bucket. Check it out here: <<Varun Dhawan’s post>>

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