Shamita’s Tribe demand Tejasswi Prakash to be questioned after her ugly spat with Shamita Shetty on her insecurity with Karan Kundra and she receiving favors from the makers this season

Actress Shamita Shetty entered the Bigg Boss house after her impressive outing in the OTT season. Shamita’s tribe have been majorly following her since day one. Her actions and thoughts have been way clear than the other contestants. She has stood for the right and has also been appreciated by the host himself for showing her true self inside.

Shamita and Tejasswi’s equations in the show has not been that great since the inception of the season. The fights have been numerous. In today’s episode too both indulged into a fight where we saw Tejasswi raising questions and trying to demean Shamita.

She was seen insecure yet again on Karan Kundra’s friendship. Both Karan and Shamita have been real good friends and had to maintain distance with each other because of her insecurities and this was never digested by Tejasswi. Not only that we saw Tejasswi accusing Shamita of receiving favors from the makers. To this the fans and viewers had come ahead and raised a demand of Tejaswwi Prakash to be questioned as in when was Shamita being favored? Rather it’s her all this while being insecure of her and being favoured. She’s seen trying to look and be like Shamita since the day she’s been tagged as the worst dressed, it showed her aggressive side when she couldn’t be one like her.

She had her friends inside but all of them have been evicted. She had stayed alone in the house and despite a frozen injury shoulder, she was seen performing every single task and performed by herself without it taking favours. It’s rather Tejasswi who’s seen riding all season through Vishal, Nishant, Umar and Karan to sustain. Always wanting to be saved and get extra support because she is Karan’s friend . The netizens are asking and tweeting how Tejasswi as become aggressive and needs help for the person she’s become. Few also mentioned how she needs to calm her personality down and realise what she’s doing just for the hec of being in the show.

It will be interesting to see how the Weekend ka Vaar will go as the fans have kept their request on the accusation thrown by Tejasswi on Shamita Shetty



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