From background crowd to main cast, journey of Mohsin Khan aka iamrealmohsin as an actor

Born and brought up in Ayodhya, young actor Mohsin Khan feels it has been a tough journey from a background crowd to the main cast

“I was one of the faces in mob and was paid ₹300 for standing in the crowd. I remember as 17-year-old running to local PR office every day in search of some work as living condition back home was not as good. I knew this is the line I wish work in and earn for my family,” said the young actor.He recalls, “The first time I became part of the crowd was for ‘Aashram’ which shot in my hometown. I stood as a crowd for days that to for 24 hours but that’s how I knew my journey will start,” he said.

Mohsin continued being the bystander for a number of projects. “After ‘Aashram’ I was again in the crowd for series like, ‘Cops’, ‘Cassette’ and ‘I984’ till the tables turned for me and I got to be in main cast for films ‘Mission Majnu’, ‘Satyamev Jayate-2’, ‘14-Phere’ and ‘Bhaukaal – 2’ where I got a role to play that too with a name. So, finally I was in the main cast and was paid much better. And also, didn’t had to stand for the whole day in glaring sun.”Recently, Mohsin shot with some known names, “Shooting with John (Abraham) sir, Sharib (Hashmi) ji in the same frame, all of this was like a dream for me and how I wished someday to be where they are,” he said.

The teenager thinks the reason for getting good work in a year or two was mainly due to multiple projects happening in the state. “UP has turned into a new shooting hub and the kind of projects that being shot here is the reason why local artistes like me are getting good work along with money. Besides, we don’t have to frequently run to Mumbai for work,” said the ‘Mere Sai’ and ‘Saavdhan India’ actor.

Mohsin has managed to buy a home for his family and a two-wheeler for himself and feels happy to be finally getting credit on screen. “For now, it’s okay but it’s still a long way to go. And, I have to become a known face to get that sense of achievement.”


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