Payal Rohatgi screams at her teammate Zeeshan Khan during Chakli -making task

After a dhamakedaar Judgement Day in Lock Upp filled with twists and turns, the Kaidis have started to ramp up their strategy as they reach the most important part of the game

The day starts with Mandana and Azma talking about Mandana’s divorce and past relationships, but she doesn’t share much as it was a part of her secret. Later, Payal is seen discussing with Shivam how tricky Anjali is and how she is playing well by maintaining good relations with everyone, even during the temptation playout. Following this, the Kaidis are summoned to take a pledge for Sharirik Shram.

The objective of today’s sharirik shram is to create a chakli. The kaidis also have to create the boxes themselves, and each box has to hold four chaklis at least. Broken chaklis will not be counted, and the chakli needs to be made precisely with the instructions given. The winning Block will decide the punishment for the losing Block. Meanwhile, Mandana goes to Kaaranvir and complains to him about Payal’s insistence on doing everything. Kaaranvir approaches Payal and tells her that she needs to focus exclusively on frying the chakli so that they can win the task. Unhappy with the proceedings, Payal screams at Zeeshan, “Sir pe mat baith aake!” Seeing all the drama, the left Block starts mocking them. Eventually, Kaaranvir calms them all down and they finally hold a front and the right Block completes their task. Next, The new boxes are delivered, and the right Block snatches the boxes. As a result, there is a verbal spat between the two blocks. Finally, with 50 boxes vs 44, the left Block emerges a winner and the right Block has to do the dishes as a penalty.

Payal is enraged and continues to taunt her team, adding, “Friendship and fairness should not exist in a task.” Furthermore, Zeeshan, Vinit, and Mandana plan to scheme together for today’s charge sheet. They are seen discussing on whose names should be included in the charge sheet. Munawar also holds an internal team meeting where he states, “If one of our team members must be nominated, it should not be Ali, Vinit, or Azma. It doesn’t bother me if I’m nominated.”

A secret ballot carries out today’s charge sheet. Kaidis were called and asked to vote for one person from their Block and one from the opposite Block.

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