Modern Luxury Table by Interior Designer Punam Kalra

A table is all-encompassing. It’s the Kind of furniture that combines form and function, style and service. It is a style of low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa for convenient support of beverages, decorative objects, and other small items to be used while sitting. In some situation such as during party, plates of food may be placed on the table says Interior Designer Punam Kalra Director of I’M The Centre for Applied Arts.

Living rooms are often the centre of our social life and thus call for that special touch of glamour, personality and modern aesthetics. Once thought of as a necessary staple, the coffee table has become a stylish way to add interest to our spaces. Geometric centre tables bring in a subtle contemporary playfulness and the luxury of timeless simplicity. Sculpted in unexpected forms, these eclectic pieces reflect our ever-evolving design philosophy and make for great conversation starters. They perfectly complement and amplify all interior styles, giving the home a strong and unique design character, and a visual depth and integrity


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