Writers are looking at Pocket Novels as a launchpad

Sneha, Muskan, and Pankh made it big. Will they inspire other writers to dream?

After the successful inaugural writers’ gathering, Pocket FM hosts a second meetup, spotlighting emerging talents from Bihar. Youthful writers Sneha Kumari, Muskaan Kumari, and Pankh share inspiring journeys from dreamers to Pocket Novel authors, crafting captivating tales transformed into popular audio series. Pocket Novel is the online reading platform from Pocket FM.

For the three young and talented girls, Pocket Novel and Pocket FM are not merely just platforms but a way of life. It has transformed into a pivotal stepping stone towards self-expression and financial independence.

*Sneha Kumari expressed,* “I discovered Pocket FM during the COVID-19 lockdown. The stories became my stress buster. A year later, I joined their community as a writer for Pocket Novel but kept it a secret for my family. Despite some teething issues, things started getting right for me, with user feedback becoming a deterrent in boosting my confidence. With this success, I revealed my association to my family and their happiness, and pride made it a priceless moment.”

*Muskan Kumari shared,* “Introduced to Pocket FM by my elder sister during my first year of college, I was instantly drawn to it. Writing had never been on my radar, but the audio series on Pocket FM stimulated a newfound interest in the creative field. Pocket FM is more than a platform for me; it’s where my dreams found a voice and gradually turned into reality. It provided financial stability and the confidence to be out there and carve a place for myself in this competitive world.”

*Pankh said,* “Pocket FM became the catalyst for me to fully explore my hidden talent in writing, bringing about positive changes in how I see myself and providing much-needed financial stability. I am thankful to the Pocket FM team and my supportive family for their encouragement that shaped who I am today.  I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to fellow writers, listeners, and anyone on a creative journey, as it has proven to be a transformative and invaluable stepping stone in my own personal and professional growth.”

Pocket FM has established a platform and is committed to discovering and fostering talent from every corner of the country, aiding writers in turning their dreams into reality through Pocket Novel. This open stage welcomes writers to join by visiting https://writer.pocketnovel.com


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