Do you know why World Diabetes Day is being celebrated?

World Diabetes Day is being celebrated in order to increase awareness among people about its side effects, treatments, and surgeries. Everyone knows that diabetes damages the kidney makes us blind by damaging the retina of the eye causes damage and invades the blood vessels &  nerves, thus resulting in silent heart attacks, diabetic foot resulting in amputation & septicemia and even deaths. India is known as the diabetes capital of the world with above 70 million diabetics, as reported by the international diabetes foundation. If facts are to be believed, then this number will cross 123 million by 2040.

Metabolic Surgery helps to control the type 2 diabetes in a big way. 90% of the patients won’t need an insulin injection after this. 60% would not even need a tablet.

But there are some precautions that one must follow after going through Metabolic Surgery.  When we bypass the intestine, the absorption of vitamins, proteins, and iron, etc. also decreases. So, these patients need to focus on health, should take a high protein diet, regular vitamins, get their blood work done every 6 months to rule out any deficiencies. But the medical advantages outweigh the side effects & overall, metabolic surgery is a good option for uncontrolled diabetes.

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