Meera’s Mom to make an unconventional wish to Bhanu

Star Bharat’s new show, ‘Aashao Ka Savera…Dheere Dheere Se’ has set its content on top-notch due to breaking the stereotype of the society and passing an important message to the audience through the characters Bhawana and Raghav, which are being played by Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azam, respectively. ‘Aashao Ka Savera… Dheere Dheere Se’ portrays one such story, which relates to many women out there in our society. As the story is moving forward, we can see Bhawana and Raghav’s friendship grow

In today’s episode we are going to see Bhawana thanking Raghav for always helping her and being there for her but she decides never to meet Raghav again, as she doesn’t want to put Raghav in a troublesome spot again. Conversely, while preparing for Abhishek and Meera’s marriage, Meera’s parents make an unconventional demand to Bhanu where they ask for a special room for Meera and Meera requests Bhanu for his room after her marriage. Bhanu promises to give his room to her as per her wish. Bhanu and Malini become emotional as they have to vacate their room for Meera and Abhishek. Bhanu then decides to occupy Bhawana’s room going forward.

Will Bhawana vacate her room and let Bhanu and Malini stay in her room?

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