Innovation and diversification : Mantra for Mango’s success

What began as a passion project 16 years ago, when Pravin Chheda was inspired by his visit to a Japanese stationery brand called Loft; today, is a one stop shop haven for Art & Stationery enthusiasts.  The stationery industry was highly overlooked in India, and he decided to fill the gap by creating Mango for a ‘Retail Stationery Shopping’ experience. The products Mango sells are incredibly varied, from brands all across the world, including India.

A wide range of unique and quirky stationery products are available in Mango, with assured quality, utility, and great design. The young and dynamic Sitanshu Chheda has ensured that, with the definition of stationery evolving, the target to include a much wider range of products, Mango will keep up and has in the past too, maintained synergies with the ever changing trends.  This evolution has led to Mango – a lifestyle stationery company expanding its footprints to Thane, Navi Mumbai through outlets; and then nationally through online. Mango has developed a huge clientele, and rewards its loyal clients with loyalty programs which includes many benefits. The company is growing fast, and plans to advance into a franchising model, growing partners all across the country. In the coming years, international distribution of its products may also be in the works. It also plans to diversify by creating a private label called Bangkok Business which would sell paper stationery and lifestyle products. The market for stationery products has been growing fast in India, and on its way to becoming a predominant industry.

As the market grows, so does the competition, but Mango differentiates itself by providing a pleasant instore shopping experience with a wide range of products that are not easily available elsewhere. Keeping in sync with the covid times, Mango went online and customers can now order their favourite supplies by choosing from the product range. The Brand also started a subscription service named “The Yellow Box” which consists of a beautifully curated range of products. Every month, the genuine customers get a Yellow Box delivered at their doorstep. For Collectors, Empires, Offices, The Yellow Box has turned out to be a cherry on the cake for their stationery.

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