From Archana’s innocence to Manav’s true love for her, here are the five meaty reasons to watch ‘Pavitra Rishta 2’ on ALTBalaji

The show Pavitra Rishta has famously been one of the most talked-about and longest-running shows of the Indian Television industry. It has managed to make its mark on the hearts of its viewers, and therefore, India’s home-grown OTT giant ‘ALTBalaji’ has made the wise decision to bring the show back into our lives with ‘Pavitra Rishta’ and how! Its Midas touch has seemed to work great for the show as it has started to make the rounds amongst the audiences.

Ankita Lokhande as ‘Archana’, yet again!
Ankita Lokhande has been lauded as an exceptional actor since the first season of Pavitra Rishta and to see her shine on it once again is a sight for sore eyes. That being said, Ankita owns Archana in all totality! Giving a balanced and loved the performance, the actress makes us believe that the role is tailor-made for her and only her. She represents Indian women who possess different shades and can overcome all kinds of obstacles with their willpower. In today’s times, the fact that she is not a homemaker like the previous season but an independent working lady this season is all the convincing you need to go binge on the show right away!

Shaheer Sheikh as ‘Manav’ – The Indian Television heartthrob
Shaheer is an absolute fit as the chivalrous gentleman Manav in every shot. He is his own person on the show and puts forth an honest and endearing performance. He excels as the lovely Manav and adds his flavour to the character. That’s a huge MUST with regards to this being a major reason to watch the show.

The evergreen love story of ‘Manav’ and ‘Archana’
This is a love story to behold, as we all know. Pavitra Rishta 2, at its core, is a beautiful romantic drama series. It is a sweet story of two star crossed lovers Manav and Archana, who are so solid together that they can triumph over any obstacle that comes their way. It is a gentle reminder of the romance that this generation has lost over the years and also the family values that one needs to imbibe as one grows older. We love absolutely everything about this innocent love story and we can vouch for the fact that you will too.

The beautiful background score of the show!
Makers of the show bring back the evergreen ‘Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya’ with a new twist and the audience is already going gaga over it! The song is all about the reconciliation of Manav and Archana. Going by the music video, the song takes place in the narrative, post the duo’s marriage falling apart. While the two struggle along the show on their love story, the song does its own magic.

Dialogues to remember!
Every good show has to have a set of scenes and dialogues that make the audience go crazy over it and ‘Pavitra Rishta’ is no less. A scene from the show where Manav and Archana are at a restaurant and he asks her what she’d like to order, she says ‘Kuch Bhi’ and Manav calls for the waiter and asks to get 2 ‘Kuch Bhi’s’ is the sweetest of them as we see the duo share a laugh over it. The dialogues are to die for and are sure to revive the romantics, which is another huge reason to engage in the show.

Last but not least, along with the romance and drama, the fun nuances that the show carries along is one of the major reasons for everybody to put on their pajamas and be nonchalant while binging on the lovely show. We can give you all the reasons to watch the show, but you will not know what the fuss is all about until you experience its goodness. So, to do so..

Head to ‘ALTBalaji’ and watch the 8 episodes of ‘Pavitra Rishta- It’s Never Too Late!’



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