Four women challenge the outdated societal norms in 4 explosive episodes of ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba Chapter 3

India is known to be a fast-growing country with a new wave of thinking. However, there are still multiple social taboos prevalent in Indian society, especially towards the women in the country. Indian society has always had misogynistic undertones that are derogatory towards women. Most ladies in India are taught to see themselves as a burden, who has to follow the norms laid by society. To break these societal taboos, ALTBalaji, the Indian homegrown OTT Platform, exclusively launched Hai Taubba Season 3 – an anthology with four disruptive stories which will focus on women and empower them by lauding their decisions unapologetically.

The first two chapters of the scintillating and entertaining drama released in May made everyone go Hai Taubba. Like its predecessor, the third season will showcase four exciting stories keeping women at the forefront, taking the lead in each episode. The stories focus on one stigma at a time which will tackle unspoken topics, from showing a girl falling in love with another woman to a specially-abled woman finding love. ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba 3 is a compilation of 4 mature stories with women taking the lead. Poulomi Das, Arshiya Arshi, Aabha Paul, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Subhrajit Dutta, Basabdatta Chatterjee, Shaili Bhattacharjee, Amika Shail, Saheb Bhattacherje, Ekavali Khanna, Ranjit Punia, Swati Sharma, Kapil Arya, Vikrant Koul feature in the four entertaining episodes of Hai Taubba season 3.

Speaking about the series, Poulomi Das shares, “My story in the anthology is on bisexuality. Not many in society have accepted bisexuality. I think it’s bizarre; loving the same or opposite gender shouldn’t matter. It is love at the end of the day and not a disease. I’m so happy and excited to play such a character. The way we shot, was superb. It’s going to be a fun, entertaining, and educative show for you.”

Aabha Paul, who has been part of films like Mastraam and enjoys a massive social media craze, said, “Hai Taubba is one of the most exciting shows that I have been offered in recent times. My segment particularly talks about women taking charge, and I could relate so much to it. I am sure it will inspire many girls.”

The singer-turned-actor Amika Shail, sharing her excitement, said, “I am so excited that the show has finally hit the platform. The show is finally releasing and definitely, the excitement is at its peak. Being a part of such a hit franchise is something I’m proud of.”

Conceptualized by ALTBalaji’s Head of Content Baljit Singh Chaddha and produced by Jaasvand productions, Black swan productions, and Key light productions, Hai Taubba Chapter 3 will focus on women and empower them by lauding their decisions unapologetically. The new chapter will be about women who refuse to abide by societal norms and decide to break out of their monotonous lives to live the lives they truly desire. These stories are about what society considers taboo today and how women overcome it. It vividly brings out the imperfections in these women’s lives and how they embrace their imperfections and make changes in the status quo, by living their lives to the absolute fullest.

Hai Taubba is currently streaming on ALTBalaji. Binge-watch all four episodes right away



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