Ending the year with a bang is ‘Sasuraal Genda Phool 2’, only on ‘Star Bharat’

As the holiday spirit is high with everybody gearing up for the arrival of 2022, Star Bharat, as usual, has some other plans for us to make the fullest of the last few days of 2021. Its newest addition, ‘Sasuraal Genda Phool 2’ has only seen high’s throughout. The audience has not only liked but ‘loved’ the show and its vibe that preaches family values, ethics and a thing or two about true love. Ishaan’s loyalty to Suhana and unconditional love towards his family is something we do not often see today and to be one with a character as such on-screen, in today’s day and age is more than one could’ve asked for.

The show stars huge names such as Jay Soni, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Sudhir Pandey, so on and so forth and is a well-knitted story about a family that will urge you to sit back, relax, watch the show and spend some quality time with your own family. The makers of the show have done a brilliant job with their amazing storytelling skills and are about to throw in yet another marvellous plot twist, right as the year ends so you are all filled up and ready to begin your New Year with the most zest and zeal! Guess what the twist is?

According to the latest track, the show is all set to introduce Titli to the Kashyap family and how! Yes, you read that right. Ishaan finally accepts Titli’s plan of her playing his pretend girlfriend in front of his family for which she will charge him 25 lakhs. Titli thinks this is a full-proof plan that helps the both of them as it solves her problems with Deva Bhai, the goon she has to pay the money back to, as soon as possible, and it also solves Ishaan’s problems whose family is trying to get him married to Dr. Avni against his wishes. If his family knows of his girlfriend, they would not force him to remarry which is his ultimate goal and hence he sees potential in Titli’s plan and accepts for her to come home, along with him, as his girlfriend.

This new entry into the Kashyap household is sure to bring in some huge storms with major twists and turns! Titli is not an easy human being, so her entry into the house is surely going to change the Kashyap family’s destiny in ways unimaginable. Even though Ishaan and Titli are both doing this for their own twisted reasons, do you think Titli will be able to go back to the life she came from after this arrangement comes to an end? Will Kashyap Parivaar’s love change her and make her see the world in a different light? Will Ishaan be able to let her go after all? Is it all going to be as easy as it seems? How will the Kashyap Parivaar react when the truth is out? Will the truth ever be revealed?

There’s a lot of questions and very little patience involved but the only way to know the answers to the million questions we have is…



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