Shahzad Ahmed 

In a bid to raise awareness, Girliyapa Spotlight, releases an impactful and engaging video on body-shaming Girliyapa Spotlight, a property of popular YouTube channel Girliyapa, aims to be the voice and platform for inspiring and empowering stories and issues. The platform, in the past, has highlighted social issues such as child labor, menstruation health, LGBTQIA+ rights through a variety of videos, illustrations, and narrations with the intent to sensitize people and spur positive conversations around it. This time round, Girliyapa Spotlight has joined forces with well-known influencer and blogger, Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar, the Chubby Twirler, for an impactful video, titled ‘Body Positivity or Body Shaming?’, that tackles the subject of body shaming head on. Fashion Blogger, Plus-Size Model, Choreographer and Stylist, Tanvi is multi-faceted in her talents. In this video, she dishes on how she has been body-shamed multiple times, how she brilliantly dealt with trolls and comments coming her way, all while maintaining high levels of body-positivity. Commenting on the video and her journey so far, Tanvi said, “Women everywhere are subjected to body shaming in the garb of fun and begin to judge their worth by shape and size. It’s high time we bid goodbye to body shaming and the first step in doing so is to build awareness. We need to understand that while staying healthy is important, it has much more to do with nutrition and exercise than shape or size. I’m extremely glad to team up with Girliyapa to put the spotlight on body shaming and hope this video motivates and invigorates women everywhere to embrace their bodies and be confident in their own skin.”Talking about dealing with the trolls on the social media, she added and said, “In my case, I use the educate or ignore technique. If people are willing to learn and grow, then I explain to them how there is no connection between beauty and the size or type. If they’re not, I simply ignore and move on!”

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