Actors of Sony Entertainment Television share their special messages and gush about their even special Mother’s Day plans

Who is a mother? Our first teacher, philosopher, friend, and guide. She is the one who holds our tiny fingers and leads us towards light, developing our conscious and subconscious understanding of the world around us. Often a waft of breeze, or the cooling rain, she is our manual to the maze we call life. On this special day, the actors express their love and gratitude to their beloved mothers.

Chandni Sharma who essays the role of Akanksha in Kaamnaa says, “Indeed, mothers are our best friends. As a child, my mother was my constant companion, my playmate. Sometimes, she would bring out dry kitchen ingredients and I would whisk up fake meals for her. Being a sweetheart, she would complement my cooking ‘skills’ and declare that she had the best meal of her life. I believe that all that I am today is because of her blessings and effort. Her love and trust in me could not be explained in words, much like I cannot explain how much I love her.”

Rajshree Thakur, who plays Pallavi in Appnapan…Badalte Rishton ka Bandhan, spoke about her fondest childhood memory that she shares with her mother. “My earliest memories with my mother are summers in her sweltering kitchen. I remember her yellowed hands feeding me fresh mangoes. The scent of her hand still lingers in my memory and even today, every time I taste a mango, I remember my mother’s sweet scent. My memories are anyway flooded with special moments I spent with my mother. Now that I am a mother, I wish to recreate some of those moments with my little one.”

Giving a sneak-peek into the special surprise plans that she has this Mother’s Day, Shubhaavi Choksey aka Nandini Kapoor from Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 says, “”My life without my mother would be a very different one. She has taught me optimism, compassion, to be kind and understanding and most of all to have patience. She has not only kept our family together but even my father and her family together. She is the strong and happy pillar for us. This Mother’s Day I will take her out for lunch as I always do, followed by a few hours of shopping.”

Vijayendra Kumeria aka Armaan Oberoi in Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye shares, “A mother’s love is the purest of all in the world. She loves selflessly and unconditionally. My mother has always had my back, on good days and bad. Whenever I feel like I am having the absolute worst day, I just call her up. That one phone call is a stressbuster for me. Listening to her just eases my worries. Not a day goes when she does not worry for my wellbeing. I am her mischievous son. This Mother’s Day, I want to soothe her, take her out on a dinner date and have loads of fun having everything she likes to eat. It will be our special mother-son day out!”

Punyashlok Ahliyabai actress Aetashaa Sansgiri, who plays the role of Ahliyabai, shares, “My mother has been my pillar of support since day one. She has been the woman behind my success, taking care of me and my dreams. I am often busy with shoots and not able to give quality time to my family. This Mother’s Day, I plan to change that. I will go on a date with my mom, treat her to a nice lunch, a trip around the mall, and then a nice salon spa. After all that she does, this is the minimum that I can do. I want to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all our viewers!”

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