Actor Nidhi Seth joins the cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Kaamnaa’

Sony Entertainment Television’s Kaamnaa – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna has kept the audience intrigued with its high octane drama showcasing the clash between principles and desires through the journey of Manav (played by Abhishek Rawat) and Akanksha (Chandni Sharma). During the course of the show, viewers have seen how this battle between ideologies has turned Manav’s life upside down. And, helping Manav overcome these challenging times is his son Yatharth who is his strength. Just when Manav starts to think his life is getting a little better, a new problem comes his way and this time with a bigger challenge that being the fight for Yatharth’s custody. Adding new twists and turns to the storyline will be the entry of Lawyer Mira Singhania, a high profile advocate hired by Vaibhav Kapoor (Manav Gohil). Portraying the character of Mira Singhania will be the popular actress, Nidhi Seth.

Mira Singhania is one of Indore’s high-profile advocate who likes to win all her court cases at any cost. Throughout her career, she has never lost a case and is extremely proud about this. Winning a case brings a different kind thrill for her, hence even if it means going against her moral values she will turn the wrong into right and win the case. With her strong and authoritative personality, she will be representing Akanksha (essayed by Chandni Sharma) and industrialist Vaibhav Kapoor in Yatharth’s custody battle and will try to make Manav’s life difficult.

Speaking about her role, Nidhi said, “My character Mira is very interesting and will bring in a lot of twists in the story track. Mira has never lost a case before. Her reputation is such that people withdraw cases if they see her name as their opponent. What I love about Mira’s character is that she is a strong woman with an authority and powerful personality so much so that people especially male lawyers are also initimidated by her. The fact that I am going to play the devil’s advocate was really exciting as it is a new opportunity for me – something that I have never tried on national television. I said yes to the role the minute it was offered to me because as an artist, I am always hungry for good and challenging roles. I am really looking forward to this new journey and hope I do justice to this character.”

Tune into ‘Kaamnaa’ – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna every Monday to Friday at 8:30 P.M. only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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