Abigail Pande is all set to star in ULLU’s next titled Gosht

Harsh truths, gruesome realities & topics long lost, this is what we think about events that happened in the past. But, ULLU has been that one OTT platform that has been on the forefront to bring forward such instances to the screens. Keeping up with its gripping series of shows, ULLU will soon launch ‘Gosht’, inspired by a true event. The story of the show may seem unnatural because of its brutal & rare nature of heinous crimes like sexual abuse, murder, cannibalism, and attempted necrophilia. But crimes and criminals know no boundaries. For the show, actor Abigail Pande has been cast to play the pivotal role of a fierce journalist.

The series depicts a strange incident where the village is absolutely perturbed with sudden continuous disappearances of children. As the story unfolds the audiences get to know that these children were brutally murdered and then served to eat. Such a heinous and gory crime makes it vital to have a voice that could reach the higher authorities to look into these disappearances and find the accused. Abigail Pande will play the bold and fierce journalist Swati Mahalingam who stands up for the families of these victims.

On playing a crucial role in the show, Abigail shares, “Playing the role of a journalist has been extremely challenging and gratifying, both at the same time. Having that fierce, bold voice & command over your work, while having a grip over your emotions is something the journalists should be applauded for.  We as a team, hope that the show is appreciated for the way it’s handled a serious matter so sensitively.’


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