5 most hilarious moments that will make you go “arey yaar papa”



Shahzad Ahmed 

The love & hate relationship between a father and the son is the only constant thing universally. The chances of the Sun rising in the west are much higher than witnessing an all-lovey-dovey father-son duo.  Bringing to light yet another such crackling journey, The Viral Fever (TVF) in association with Gillette presents a heart-warming and refreshing new sketch – ‘Papa, Tum Kab Jaoge.’Taking you through the humorous relationship of Papa & Badri, the sketch will surely ring the bells of nostalgia with the audiences. So, here are 5 instances from the video that will make every Indian kid go, ‘YAAAAAAAAAAS’! 1.Champion of Small Talk.Indian fathers are not a very mushy lot. Unlike your mother, a conversation with your dad is as short-lived as the money in your bank account. A father-son call follows a string of typical questions with the ever-magical words, “beta mummy se baat karlo” to avoid the evident awkward silence. The day you manage to have a conversation with your father for more than a minute, you know it’s a legendary moment!2. When your father gets close to your friend.Getting along with your best friend is the most satisfying experience but when it’s your father, you know its trouble. Owing to the intense equation a father shares with his son, your father’s effort to bond with you starts with your friend. How do you tackle this? By keeping a careful watch on your friends or be ready to see your friend become the infamous Sharmaji ka beta!3. When your father becomes the child.Every child looks up to his father till they reach a certain age. Then comes adulthood, the time when tables turn, and your father becomes the child. From teaching them to operate an app and listening to them say, “apne baap ko mat sikha”, it’s one rollercoaster ride.4.Papa going digital/ Gamer dad/ When your father tries his hand on consoles.The embarrassing ordeal of rejecting your father’s Facebook gaming requests and their sudden urge to be a part of the digital world is something you can’t escape. The change in the tone of their questions from ‘why are you wasting your time playing’ to ‘teach me how to play’, you know it’s your time to teach the curious kid.5.When your father pours your first drink.This is a memorable moment in every child’s life. Partying with friends, coming home drunk, asking your father’s permission to stay for a night out or getting slapped for all these reasons is a Herculean task. And the time, they offer you a drink by themselves, that is when you realize that your father sees you as a man and not a child.Owing to its complex & humorous concept, TVF’s new sketch has roped in the talented actors – Badri Chavan, Rajendra Chawla and Ranjan Raj. In association with Gillette for their new campaign #ShavingStereotypes, ‘Papa, Tum Kab Jaoge’ attempts to shave the toxic notions of masculinity such as ‘Men don’t cry’. Catch this epic father-son duo sketch here –


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