ZEE Biskope makes weekend entertaining; Premiere of Nirahua & Khesari Lal’s blockbuster ‘Hathkadi’ will make Friday amazing

Featuring superstars Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua and Khesari Lal Yadav, this movie will be screened for the first time on ZEE Biskope this Friday, June 03, at 6 pm

When you feel tired after battling your professional deliveries through the week, you would need not just a single but a double dose of entertainment to lift your spirits and boost your energy for a fascinating weekend ahead. Your favourite channel, ZEE Biskope is always at your rescue when it comes to authentic Bhojpuri entertainment. The brand brings a double dose of entertainment only for you with the premiere of two of Bhojpuri’s biggest The film is scheduled to be aired on Friday, 3rd June, at 6:00 pm in the Houseful Shukrawar band.

Hatkadi is a rip-roaring action drama which gives the invigorating and animating experience to audience. The gripping storyline will have everyone hooked throughout. The movie also features eminent actors such as Anjana Singh, Awadhesh Mishra and Ajaz Khan among others in pivotal roles.
The plot of the movie spotlights on two honest cops, Shakti (Nirahua), a stern and unbending jailer with a record of zero escapes under his supervision, and Vijay (Khesari), an honest and fearless police officer. Vijay gets into a tussle with local mafia and his political ally ending up arresting the mafia’s son Nagesh on murders charges. Nagesh remains in prison under the strict vigilance of Shakti as his jailer. However, fate had different plans to put Shakti & Vijay to test. With the turn of events, the two honest cops end up behind the bar themselves. What made this happen? How did they end up in jail? What does Nagesh or his mafia background has to do with this? Will the honest cops remain trapped in the test of destiny or will the power of their honesty and determination bring them out of prison? Will this story of vengeance get a desired end? Do Vijay and Shakti put their guns down in front of the Mafias or bring them to justice? What turns will this strife bring in their lives?
If you are excited to know what happens next and can’t wait to get all the answers, then make sure you don’t miss Hathkadi. The power-packed climax has many surprises and lots of action in store. Save the date!


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