Yukti’s support system crumbles as she faces betrayal in Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’

Sony SAB’s ‘Vanshaj’ centers on Yuvika Mahajan (Anjali Tatrari), who disrupts traditional family dynamics by advocating for merit-based succession in the family business, rather than adhering to gender-based inheritance norms. This shift causes tension within the Mahajan family, sparking a fierce rivalry between Yuvika and DJ (Mahir Pandhi). In recent episodes, DJ threatens Yuvika’s (Anjali Tatrari) sister, Isha (Kanchan Dubey), by exposing her secret photos. However, a sibling reunion occurs where Yuvika – aka Yukti and her brother Arjun (Buneet Kapoor) rescue Isha. In this moment, Yukti reveals her true identity to both of them as Yuvika, not Yukti.

In the upcoming episodes, DJ’s mother Gargi (Parinitha Seth) gives Yukti her diary, filled with confessions of her crimes, as part of DJ’s cunning plan. Yukti takes a closer look at the diary and realizes that it serves as solid proof, containing all the evidence of the crimes committed by Gargi against Yuvika and her family. Meanwhile, Yukti is completely unaware of the fact that someone very close to her is aiding DJ in his larger scheme and plotting against her. She believes victory is within reach as she sees Gargi on the brink of confession. However, a mystery surrounds as someone dear to Yukti who, while initially supporting her, is now secretly working against her.

Who is this mysterious person?

Mahir Pandhi, who plays the character of Digvijay Mahajan says, “DJ has a bigger plan that Yukti cannot even sense at the moment. Yukti feels as if she’s winning the battle when Gargi gives her diary to her, which has her confession. However, there’s a much bigger and vicious plan that awaits ahead of her. DJ is faking his coma and he has joined forces with someone who is very close to Yukti just to make her isolated and handicapped with no support to back her up. The upcoming episodes will show DJ, along with the support from someone very close to Yukti, plans to disrupt Yukti’s plans and take over the Mahajan empire.”


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