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Shahzad Ahmed

 The Timeliners from the house of TVF in association with Gillette introduces us to another special sketch called ‘Indians & Maids’; that gives us funny insights into the the relationship that Indians share with their house help

One needs all the luck in the world to get a good maid for their household. After all, not only do they have to do all the chores, but getting one to do so without fussing and spending is what we all dream of. Some of them can be horrible, while some are perfect at their job. Good or bad, the thing with maids is that there’s drama guaranteed. Whether maids are made in heaven or is the eternal truth far from this perception, brought to you Bai (no pun intended), the latest sketch from The Timeliners in association with Gillette, will tell you all that you need to know about this one person, who the house just can’t do without.While it may be a grueling process, where one spends days interviewing and choosing the right maid, this situation does allow one to come across a lot of variety. Some of the namunas include the creepy ones who offer no privacy. For these hands-on ladies, there is no line between public and private. On the other hand, the aalsis will be borderline lazy and gladly leave all the work to you. The Phony maids are the ones you want if you’re a gossip monger. But the downside to them is that they’ll spend all the time chatting instead of doing what they’re supposed to. Some maids are so diligent and hardworking that they are the Ghar Ka Hissa. Now that’s the maid we want.Nevertheless, while going through all the nautankis and different types of maids, we must say that all the struggles are rides full of amusement and hilarity. Some teach us a lesson, some amaze you, while some get on our nerves. Like it or not, they all surely leave you with some interesting and memorable stories to tell. The next time you desperately need a maid, you’ll know exactly which to choose.


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