Watch the maakhan chori festivities ‘Chori Vidya Prasaran,’ unfold on Sony TV’s Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala

Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological narrative Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala continues to make a special place in the viewers hearts with a beautiful story of a mother-son bond from Yashoda’s (Neha Sargam) point of view. Celebrating the ‘Krishna Janmotsav’ and entering the 3-year leap, viewers have been witnessing how Kanha has been inquisitive about the world outside and Yashoda on the other hand, is still caring and protecting towards him.

Maakhan chori has been an integral part of Lord Krishna’s life. As Krishna Janmotsav comes to an end, Lord Krishna will be seen planning his second maakhan chori with his baldau, Balram and his friends. It will be a delight for the viewers watching Lord Krishna and his maakhan chori team ‘Chori Vidya Prasaran.’

Trisha Sarda essaying the role of Baal Krishna says, “It feels great playing Baal Krishna. My parents always used to narrate Lord Krishna’s story to me. It was a great experience shooting the maakhan chori episode. I had a lot of fun. Neha didi bought home-made maakhan for all of us and we had a maakhan party on the set.”

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