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Fresh evidence reveals Nazi plans hidden in ‘Hitler’s Secret Tunnels’, premiering on 2nd September   

Exactly seventy-five years after the end of World War II, we still do not know the full extent of Adolf Hitler’s plans. Some believe that as the tide of war turned against the Third Reich, many top-secret projects were hidden in subterranean tunnels across Europe. The location and true purpose of these projects remained a mystery until a newly discovered map revealed fresh clues. Now a team of experts is determined to find answers to longstanding questions. On History TV18’s latest 2-hour exclusive premiere, ‘Hitler’s Secret Tunnels’, modern-day explorers Mike Scott and Luke Mahoney set out to search for tunnel complexes that may still be protecting Hitler’s most diabolical secrets. The documentary premieres on Wednesday, 2nd September, at 11 AM, and repeats at 6 PM the same evening.Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and rose to power as Germany’s dictator in 1933. His invasion of Poland in September 1939 ignited World War II. The devastating conflict raged for six years, engulfing almost the entire world. After the end of the Second World War and the victory of the Allied Powers, it was believed that Hitler had bigger plans that were never uncovered. ‘Hitler’s Secret Tunnels’ investigates the classified Nazi nuclear weapons program, and other secret projects, including occult practices and shocking human experiments.With the Allied bombing of the headquarters of the German rocket program, the Führer would’ve realised the necessity of moving secret projects to secure locations. So, the Nazis built a vast network of underground tunnels crisscrossing Germany, Austria, Poland, France, and Czechoslovakia. Most of these tunnel systems had been sealed or booby-trapped, but others were waiting to be explored. In Central Germany, Tunnel System B has been long-believed to have been home to the Nazi weapons program. An old map, discovered among the personal possessions of a member of Hitler’s favoured inner circle, SS Commander Hans Kammler, provides vital clues. An official memo, found with the map, revealed a newer, heavily-reinforced Nazi bunker called Tunnel System B3c. This is believed to have been the site for Hitler’s top-secret, highest priority weapons.On the investigative documentary, explorer Mike Scott and his partner, Luke Mahoney, use the secret Nazi document to unearth a sealed and unseen Nazi underworld. Armed with their trusty metal detectors, the duo has been involved in significant finds, including over 200 gold coins, thousands of kilograms of buried silver and hidden weapons caches. The two-hour special feature has them meeting Nazi treasure hunters, historians and local experts, to reveal Hitler’s final secrets.

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