ULLU drops the trailer of Leena Jumani Starrer ‘Paro’

Starring Leena Jumani in the lead, the series is based on the social issue of bride trafficking

ULLU has become one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms that showcase exhaustive, multi-genre programming of original content. Assi Nabbe Poore Sau, Peshawar, and Paper garnered a lot of appreciation from the audience and now ULLU is all set to launch another story on the social issue of bride trafficking titled “Paro”. The platform dropped the trailer today giving the audiences a sneak peek into this much-awaited series, starring the talented and versatile actor Leena Jumani.

The series revolves around bride trafficking which has developed due to gender inequality, poverty & unemployment in most of the North Indian states like Haryana, Delhi, Western UP, and other states where there is a huge gap in the ratio of boys and girls. The local agents scare innocent people to suppress their voices and make money out of their oppression. This has become a business model for them, which is flourishing at a high rate in these areas. The issue arises where the family structure is big but earning members in the family are fewer. So they agree on signing a contract marriage for a few hundred thousand rupees and send their daughters with these agents. The most disgraceful part of this trafficking is that the price of a girl is based on her age, looks, and creed. The trailer shows actor Leena as Paro, getting married to two guys in a span of a week with both men oblivious to this.

Speaking on the release of the trailer, Vibhu Agarwal, CEO ULLU shares, “After the launch of ULLU 2.0, we are targeting to showcase stories that revolve around social issues, real-life incidents, heinous crimes that will appear to people across age groups. With this show, we want to convey that bride trafficking is still a prevalent social issue in the rural parts of the country. Every little scene in the show will portray an array of emotions which will make your heart sink.”

On playing the lead role of Paro, actor Leena Jumani shares, “My role is of a beautiful village belle Paro who has become a victim of bride trafficking and is forced to get married that too twice, which squeals of agony. When I heard the story, it gave me great pain to know that even in the 21st century, there are women in our country who are forced into such heinous social practices. My character is strong yet woven with delicate emotions which gave me the challenge to play this role. I am grateful to play various different roles in my acting career. Thanks to Vibhu sir and all the others who believed in me.

Paro Launches on 18th May 2021 only on ULLU App!


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