ULLU drops the trailer of a New Age Urban Comedy show named Mini Bomb

A light-hearted comedy-drama to tickle your funny bones

Adding to its wide range of bouquets, ULLU has just dropped the trailer of one of its first new-age urban comedy shows named Mini Bomb. The show stars internet sensations Apoorva Arora, Tanya Sharma, Anshuman Malhotra, Tushar Khair & renowned actor Alka Kaushal.

The show is about a bubbly, full-of-life girl named Mini played by Apoorva Arora, someone who finds a thrill in lying. She has a knack for spicing up things and lying to people for even the smallest of reasons. Things turn awkward for Mini when she lies to her mother (Alka Kaushal) about being a lesbian and that too being romantically involved with her roommate Alisha played by actor, Tanya Sharma in order to avoid getting married and focusing on her career. In the midst of all the lying, she falls in love with a handsome ambitious guy at her office named Vihaan played by Anshuman Malhotra. Situations heat up when Alisha’s boyfriend Pandya (Tushar Khair) & Vihaan come to know about their well-kept lies, leading them to doubt all their moves and even their identities. Mini now has to manage all the unannounced situations coming her way after the big lie. Will she be able to manage everything and find love for herself?



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On the launch of the trailer, Tanya Sharma states, “The concept is what made me say a quick yes to the show; it’s a story full of funny one-liners, banters & pretty quirky. My character Aisha is different from all the previous characters that I have played.  Alisha is a straightforward Mumbai girl. She is Mini’s partner in crime to keep their lie well kept! All in all, the show is a collaboration of fun, love, lies & confusion.

Vibhu Agarwal, CEO & Founder ULLU said, “This New age urban comedy will be yet another genre that we will be adding to our wide array of content. We are focusing on developing content that will resonate with all age groups. With the amazing ensemble cast of renowned internet sensations & talented actors, we are now forging ahead to strengthen the urban comedy segment on the platform.

Produced by Vibhu Agarwal and ULLU Digital, Mini Bomb is all set to release on 15th March 2022 on the app.


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