This Earth Day, National Geographic in India to launch its impact-driven campaign’ One for Change’

The entertainment channels at Disney Star will also spotlight short films featuring the true champions of the planet, starting April 22nd, 2022

The Earth is what keeps us alive, and the quality of our existence is determined by how well we take care of it. All it takes is one person to bring a small change that can have a magnifying impact on the planet. Bringing in this beacon of hope and inspiration for its viewers, National Geographic, with its rich legacy of powerful, credible storytelling, has announced the launch of its one-of-its-kind initiative titled ‘One for Change’ on Earth Day. Through this initiative, National Geographic will showcase a series of short films, spotlighting the exceptional stories of changemakers who have taken extraordinary steps to make our world a better place. In addition to National Geographic, the entertainment channels at Disney Star will also support the initiative by featuring the films and encouraging millions of its viewers to walk the path of change.

Premiering on the television platforms of National Geographic and the entertainment channels across Disney Star, the films will also be released on National Geographic social media handles that have a combined following of over 10 million in India. With an aim to inspire and encourage viewers to take that one step and ‘be the one for change’, the stories will focus on the journey of these passionate individuals and get the viewers acquainted with their lives, their passions and shine a light on what pushed them to follow the remarkable path of planet conservation. And as an Earth Day special, the One for Change initiative will highlight the inspired works of 10 changemakers – who have each made a path-defining choice a difference.

“Furthering the knowledge and understanding of our world is at the core of National Geographic. Through the years, we have helped our viewers better understand and care about our world, with our thought provoking and fact based narratives. With One for Change, we wanted to uplift and inspire our viewers, through the remarkable stories of incredible individuals, from across the country, who have taken that first step and more, towards loving our planet,” said Kevin Vaz, Head – Network Entertainment Channels, Disney Star.

“Given the nature and the purpose behind the initiative, we will have the might of the entire entertainment channels at Disney Star championing the films across our channels and give them the thrust they need to reach out to millions of our audiences. With this, we hope that these stories of passion, triumph and sheer love for our Mother Earth and its people will ignite a spark and inspire all planet lovers to take that one little step towards building a sustainable and hopeful future for the Earth,” he added

“We have all grown up reading and watching National Geographic and the one thing I have truly admired about the brand is the ability to inspire people through the most engaging and stimulating of stories. One for Change is indeed a special initiative – with the brand giving its platform to narrate the success stories of individuals who, through their own choices, have contributed significantly towards the betterment of the planet. For someone who believes in the need for climate preservation, it was really encouraging to be the part of such a powerful event that will, hopefully, set course for a sustainability movement with the unique potential it holds to influence a change the world,” said Dia Mirza.

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