The powerful voices of the women behind ALTBalaji’s urban relationship drama The Married Woman get in conversation with Faye Dsouza


World-renowned independent journalist and an icon for women everywhere, Faye Dsouza chats with the Queen of OTT platforms Ekta Kapoor and the brilliant leading ladies of The Married Woman, Ridhi Dogra, and Monica Dogra. The Married Woman acknowledges same-sex relationships, especially between women, women empowerment, LGBTQIA+, etc. It addresses society’s expectations about a woman’s life. It makes sure conversations about those topics swept under the rug show up.

Ekta Kapoor talks about why she decided this show had to happen. She believed breaking societal conditioning is something that had to happen, and there has been a lack of understanding of women and their choices, hence she decided to take on the project. Faye talks about what trans or lesbians go through. They talk about conversations often avoided.

Ridhi Dogra talks about how the script was written in a way that it was all normalized. They talk about the highly crucial role that art played in the show.

The story primarily is about “Being seen” in Monica Dogra’s own words, “We fall in love because we’re finally seen. We fall in love because someone sees us in a way we haven’t seen ourselves before. It is the sexiest thing to be heard, to have your details noticed and devoured by another, which is the case with Peeplika and her way of acting around Astha.”

The show has two spirited women Astha and Peeplika in the center. They come from two entirely different backgrounds, but the power of love is one no one can deny and it keeps these two women together and they become pillars of strength and support for each other. They defy society’s irrational norms and traditions to live for themselves and put their happiness first.

This is the first time a relationship between women is portrayed in this pure light. Ekta Kapoor knew how much this show meant to her and made sure that everyone understood her vision and she knew how she had to go about portraying this story. The idea was to normalize all kinds of love and relationships.

The rest of the cast in the show includes Imaad Shah, Ayesha Raza, Rahul Vohra, Divya Seth Shah, Nadira Babbar, and Suhaas Ahuja, amongst others.

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