The much-awaited song of Sanjay Gagnani’s Tere Baare finally releases on Youtube

The countdown has finally come to an end as Tere Baare drops exclusively on Youtube. The song features the handsome Sanjay Gagnani alongside Riya Deepsi and Dishank Arora. Released under the banner of Versatile Motion Pictures & The Luminant Media, marks a debut song for VMP Originals.

Tere Baare is filled with emotions that will wrench your soul into nostalgia, pain, and a breakpoint that comes in your life. Adding magic to the song was Stavya Kaila’s soulful singing and rap that comes in the song from DRG..

Actor Sanjay Gagnani along with Riya Deepsi looked absolutely adorable. Sanjay who has made a deep impact in the lives of many with his character Prithvi takes his first step for a music video. This is the first-ever time after 4 years of playing a villain in Kundali Bhagya the actor is seen playing a character of a hero.

Let me tell you that Sanjay has been entitled with #villainero and has a huge fans base among the people. The song will give a soothing experience to you. Not only that this is the first time, that Sanjay is seen doing a contemporary form of dance.

The song is shot in the city of lakes, Bhopal. The cinematography around the city and it’s beautiful location made the song even more appealing.

We got an opportunity to speak with Sanjay Gagnani who plays the main role in the song says, “The day has finally come. I can’t thank my fans and my supporters for giving so much love since the time the teaser of the music dropped. This song is very special to me as I make my debut after 4 elongate years of acting for a daily soap. It was a surreal experience for me working with such an amazing cast and crew. This song is for all my fans who have been there for me and has made me what I am today. I hope the fans shower the same amount of love for Tere Baare and listen to it on a loop.”

Tere Baare is a masterpiece that drops once in a while. In the midst of all the music numbers, this one strikes a different chord that will surely melt your heart. It did melt ours! Don’t miss it as it is streaming exclusively on Youtube



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