BB OTT 2: Falaq Naazz’s bold statement against Abhishek says, “Mai overconfidence mai nhi rehti hu, for me facts matter too.”

The latest episode’s nomination process created a sense of thrill and inquisitiveness among the audience and the contestants. Each contestant received a locket with a photo of other contestants, and they could nominate only those whose picture was in their locket. Due to the open nomination, the contestants were utterly vocal about making this episode an eye-opener for many.

The destiny of the contestants was in the hands of the other contestants. Abhishek tried to take advantage of this situation. Abhishek had Falaq’s photo locket and nominated her for the coming week. While Abhishek asked why he shouldn’t nominate her, she returned it to him, saying, “I am not scared of nomination. Marzi teri, mai koi bhi decision accept karlungi.”

Falaq clarified that she is in the BB house to explore her understanding and leave her unique imprint rather than trying to persuade anyone in this setting. ” She also further adds that she said, “We don’t know what is going on outside, and If I am on the right track, I’ll stay.”

This statement was lauded by many of her fans outside, who have, time and again, backed her up by voting in large numbers. Furthermore, Falaq specifically mentioned that Abhishek is among the individuals in the house who, according to her, are performing better. At the end of the conversation, she also said, “Mai overconfidence mai nhi rehti hu, for me facts matter too.”

Falaq’s bold statement and confidence have stunned her fans as they see her in the front seat of the show. Falaq’s straightforwardness has genuinely impressed the viewers, which is why all love her. The upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar will bring suspense as we wait to find out whose journey will come to an end.

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