The Company, ULLU Digital Pvt Ltd has now released an official statement

Official statement from ULLU DIGITAL

ULLU had made a complaint with Cyber Cell, Lucknow Police on 10.06.2021 against unknown persons for cheating and extortion of money running into lakhs of rupees, wherein internal investigation into IP addresses also revealed the involvement of ULLU’s former Legal head, a woman, and her accomplices. The said complaint was converted to FIR no. 0021 of 2021 under Section 384, 420 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act 2008 and investigation is pending. In this regard, when Lucknow police was looking out for the Legal Advisor, she and her accomplice had contacted ULLU administration and tendered an unconditional written apology, confession and resignation to ULLU on 18.6.21 in the presence of police officials from Lucknow and Mumbai police. ULLU had informed Lucknow police about receipt of such apology from the Legal Head and her accomplice, and in view of the fact that she has apologised and unilaterally offered to make good the loss/harm caused to ULLU by her criminal acts, ULLU had requested Lucknow police to not take immediate action of arresting her. A notice was served to the Legal Advisor and her accomplice on 18.6.2021 under section 41-A Cr P.C by the cyber-crime police station in relation to the aforesaid case and they were asked to appear on 5.07.2021.

ULLU’s former Legal Advisor had then filed a petition for quashing the criminal case, i.e. FIR no. 0021 against her before Hon’ble High Court of Lucknow at Allahabad, wherein she made such false and baseless allegations. Her quashing petition has been dismissed by Hon’ble Allahabad High Court on 23.7.2021 and until then no complaint whatsoever was filed by the said Legal Advisor.
As a counter blast and as an afterthought, after a lapse of more than 17 days and as a sheer abuse of laws in favour of women, on 5.7.2021 (that is the date when she was asked to appear before Lucknow Cyber Cell), ULLU’s former Legal Advisor has filed a false and frivolous complaint with Mumbai police accusing the ULLU’s country head Anjali Raina and CEO Vibhu Agarwal for molestation and harassment, and she did not pursue the said complaint until 30.07.2021.

The CEO and team of ULLU have been cooperating with the Mumbai (Amboli) police since 31.07.2021 and have presented their evidence gathered against ULLU’s former Legal Advisor over the last 2 years for duping the company of lakhs of rupees. Team ULLU has full faith in Mumbai Police & Indian Judiciary and thus refraining from giving detailed explanations at this stage.

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