THE BATTLE OF BRIDEZILLAS Catch the epic madness of every Indian wedding ever in Girliyapa’s new sketch Dulhan No. 1


Shahzad Ahmed

Weddings can seem like an endless source of drama. From getting the perfect chandani-chowk lehenga to Mamaji’s open bar antics to the bride’s absolute wackiness, it’s a rollercoaster ride. In addition to deciding on a million little things, one of the most daunting parts of wedding preparations is choosing the perfect wedding photographer. After all, curating the perfect look for the gram is what weddings are for! Packed with comic lines like, ‘Woh mujhpe focus karta hai, uske aate hi main candidly khilkhila uthti hoon…. Saato janam wohi mera… …Wedding photographer ho!’ the video zooms in on two brides – Anjali and Nitya, who have booked the same wedding photographer for their special day. What follows is a fiesta of laughter as the game of survival-of-the-fittest begins with the soon to be dulhaniyas battling it out with their iconic one liners and satirical takes on the current wedding craze. Drawing parallels to real life and hilarious wedding instances; the sketch touches upon all the crazy wedding trends, right from couple hashtags, choreographed sangeet, to the endearing shenanigans of the khaandaan! Owing to its uproarious humour, the video features popular digital actors Ahsaas Channa & Apoorva Arora amongst others.Commenting on the video Ahsaas Channa says, “Wedding is one of the most important days in a girl’s life and they want it to be perfect. But now with the growing façade of wanting to impress on social media, weddings have lost their essence and we have taken a humorous take on the nitty-gritties of the façade.”  Featuring high emotions and clashing wedding dates, Girliyapa from the house of The Viral Fever (TVF) is back with a rib-tickling new video, Dulhan No. 1. Exploring the madness of two bridezillas, one wedding date and their hilarious stunts to finalize their preferred wedding photographer, this new sketch will be one too hard to miss.

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