StarPlus drops yet another promo of the highly anticipated show ‘Faltu’ just before its big release

StarPlus’s highly anticipated show ‘Faltu’ is gearing up for its release and the audience can not wait to watch the story of an unwanted girl child unravel. StarPlus dropped another promo just before its mega release and we can not keep our calm. Every promo is revealing just another side to Faltu’s life story and her charisma. Even the latest promo which highlights the Diwali festivities shows how sarcastic Faltu is and it certainly promises a ton of fun. We can see a fun cute banter between the characters played by Niharika Chouksey and Akash Ahuja. And seeing more of them certainly sounds like a treat to viewers’ eyes. Their chemistry is interesting, spice and fun to watch & we would want to see more of them.

Faltu’s ambitions are bigger than the hurdles in her life and this girl can go all the way to follow her dreams. Faltu dreams to be a cricketer and despite all the odds life throws her way, she goes on to pursue her dreams to prove her worth to her family. Ever since the makers announced their upcoming show ‘Faltu’ the audience have truly gotten connected with the story and can not wait for the show to release.

Being a flag bearer of bringing such issues to light, Star Plus’ new show Faltu promises to be an inspirational story that holds a very strong message for society about the strength of a girl child. Viewers are waiting with much anticipation to catch the show only on Star Plus! And now that the promo is out, it will be exciting to see how Faltu’s story unravels and where exactly it takes her!

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