Star Bharat launches a new show Ajooni

Star Bharat is turning into one of the top platforms for interesting  and engrossing  content. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction shows,  the audience has always reinforced the notions of the concept of these shows. Star Bharat has now come up with another appealing show, ‘Ajooni’ which will surely pique the interest of the audiences. We will see ‘Shoaib Ibrahim’ and. ‘Ayushi Khurana’ carrying out  the lead roles of the show.

The show is all about a story of a girl named Ajooni, who is gorgeous and intelligent, is the focus of the show, which is portrayed by Ayushi Khurana. It shows her path through life, her struggles, and how, despite coming from a middle-class family with strong family values, she is compelled to marry the guy she despises the most. After getting  married to Rajveer, who is portrayed by Shoaib Ibrahim, Ajooni’s life is forever altered. Ajooni is a girl of her principles; she appreciates a simple life and treats everyone with the same love and respect. Rajveer, on the other hand, is a complete opposite human; he consistently lives by his principles and is the one in control of his choices.  The show takes a new turn when Rajveer falls head over heels with Ajooni and makes all his efforts to let the girl become his wife by force.

*Excited about the launch of the show, actor Shoaib Ibrahim says*, “I’m beyond thrilled to play this role as I haven’t played such character before and it’s very challenging for me. I willingly said a yes to this character as I wanted to play portray such role. I always wanted to explore new characters and now that I’ve got this opportunity, I’m very happy and grateful. I always believe in hardwork and sincerity that will always help you achieve your dreams.”

Excited about the launch of the show, Aayushi says, “This has been a very blissful moment for me as I get to play my first positive role.. I’ve never ever played such a bubbly character before and I hope that it’s loved by the audiences equally as I loved playing it”.

In such a situation, it will be amusing to see what transpires when the naive gullible Ajooni and the spoiled, obstinate Rajveer come face to face with each other.

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