Sneha Singh Sisodia on playing a housewife in Watcho Exclusives Oh My Wife!, dreams of doing a Bhansali Movie, and taking inspiration from Kangana Ranaut

Sneha Singh Sisodia, known for her roles in Netflix’s Operation Mayfair opposite Jimmy Shergill and Ankur Bhatia, recently played the role of Sujata in the Watcho Exclusives series ‘Oh My Wife! The thriller not only garnered praise for its gripping narrative but also for performances. Sneha, who played a housewife for the first time in the series, also won many hearts for her acting chops, and self-designed acting sequence.

The actress has now opened up the bond she shares with co-stars, dreams of being a part of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali  movie, Kangana Ranaut being her inspiration, and more.

You play Mudasir’s (Vivek) wife in the series, so naturally you might have performed maximum scenes with him. Do you have any memorable moments with him?

Yes certainly. One of my fondest memories with Mudasir was our last sequence, which was a laughing scene and a voiceover was played. While pretending to fake laugh, we asked the director how long we had to continue because our jaws had started to hurt. Muddasir has a very friendly nature, and working with him is very comfortable. Even during late-night shoots, he remained very energetic with his work.

Do you as Sneha have any similarities with your character Sujata?

Well, Sneha and Sujata are quite different, I must admit. However, if I were to point out one similarity, it would be their confidence and courage.

In Watcho Exclusives Oh My Wife!, we sense that Sujata is keeping a secret from her husband. In real life, have you ever kept a secret from someone, or have hid something?

Yes, like Sujata, I had a secret that I kept from my father. Back in my college days, I aspired to participate in the Olympics, and I received an offer from them. I went through the formalities, filled out the necessary forms, and informed my mom about it. However, I chose not to disclose this to my father. This decision caused a bit of a mess in my life, but I managed to navigate through it and became a national-level player. My father only learned about my involvement in sports after I won a national-level competition for 800m in 2008-2009.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to acting, and why do you look up to him/her?

Kangana Ranaut is someone I admire. Coming from a small town to the entertainment industry, she has faced numerous challenges to carve out a place and establish herself. Having experienced my own share of highs and lows, I can somewhat relate to her journey as an outsider in the industry. Like her, I aspire to grow in life and create a distinct identity for myself, and that’s why I choose to work on my own terms and conditions.
What I appreciate about Kangana is her fearless and bold expression of opinions, regardless of how people or the media might perceive it. She exhibits confidence in her decisions and opinions, and her patience is commendable. She has proven that dreaming big is necessary to make it big in life.

Which actors or directors would you like to work with? What is next in your kitty?

I’m keen on working with Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Talking about my upcoming projects, my next is Dakshina, which is slated for January 2024, where I’ll be playing the lead role of an IPS officer. Following that, I’ll be part of a comedy movie alongside Vennela Kishore sir and Harsh Vardhan sir. Although the title is yet to be decided, the film is scheduled for release in March 2024. Another project in the pipeline is a movie with Nikhil Siddhartha, produced by Ram Charan Productions.
“Oh My Wife!” is a gripping thriller, expertly crafted by writer-director Shaurya Singh. Starring Mudasir Bhat, Lokesh Batta, Sneha Singh Sisodia, and Deepanshi N. Shakya, the Watcho Exclusives series explores Vivek’s life, a skilled forensic expert facing personal challenges during a high-profile murder case. Balancing work issues and personal struggles, Vivek encounters a surprising turn when suspicions arise about his wife. The series maintains a compelling story, leaving viewers in suspense, questioning if Vivek’s wife holds a dark secret or if the true culprit remains unknown.

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