Sima Taparia joins hands with Kian to find a perfect life partner for his mother Janvi!

The renowned matchmaker partners with Zee TV’s latest fiction show in the most unique manner

Zee TV’s upcoming fiction offering, Main Hoon Saath Tere, introduces viewers to Janvi (played by Ulka Gupta), a single mother navigating the challenges of parenthood all by herself. Set against the backdrop of Gwalior, Janvi lives with her son, Kian (portrayed by Nihan Jain), who is the nucleus of her world. Although Kian doesn’t miss a father figure, he still feels the void of a man in his mother’s life, especially since he sees her taking care of everything single-handedly. The plot thickens when Janvi’s path intersects with Aryaman (Karan Vohra), a wealthy businessman, and they find themselves sharing the same workplace. While Aryaman expresses romantic interest in Janvi, the fate of their love story rests in the hands of little Kian. Will he approve of this match?

To guide him in this situation and to show him the right way, renowned matchmaker Sima Taparia joined hands with him. In a one-of-its-kind collaboration, Sima with her act parameters for arranged marriage pairings and her famous one-liners, helps young Kian analyze whether Aryaman ticks all the boxes for Janvi. She looks at the profiles of Janvi and Aryaman and is surprised to see the perfect compatibility between them. With her expertise and intuition at play, she gives Aryaman a green light, and calls Janvi and Aryaman’s jodi, a match made in heaven !

Talking about this association, Sima Taparia said, “When Zee TV approached me with this unique concept of their upcoming show where a young kid is on the lookout for a suitable partner for his single mom, I immediately signed up for it as it is a truly unique plot. As the character of young Kian embarks on a journey of finding a suitable companion for Janvi, my years of experience in matchmaking will help him decide whether Aryaman is the right choice for her. Let’s hope this promotional collaboration helps this endearing story reach a larger audience across India.”

While Kian will be seen testing Aryaman on whether he is the perfect match for his mother in the show, Aryaman tries everything possible to convince him. Will Janvi and Aryaman get Kian’s approval after all? It will be interesting for the viewers to watch an innocent take on love, life, and relationships, which is all set to unfold.

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