Shefali Shah at the Dish TV Smart+ services event

Shefali Shah at the Dish TV Smart+ services event: If I wanted to play only one role, then Shefali is not a bad role to follow

Actress Shefali Shah, known for her versatile performances across TV, OTT, and film, has consistently delivered diverse roles spanning various genres. She recently unveiled the Dish TV Smart+ services in Delhi. The ‘Dish TV Smart+’ Service offers a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem with content, devices, and offers to ensure accessibility on ‘Any Screen, Anywhere’. At the Dish TV event, she shared insights into her journey as an artist, reflecting on the challenges she faces in avoiding repetition on screen. She also discussed her role as a mother in this tech-savvy era, highlighting her efforts to guide her children along the right path.

Opening up about the challenges of repeating roles, Shefali Shah said, “It’s not difficult for me. I am an actor because I want to play different roles. If I wanted to play only one role, then Shefali is not a bad role to follow. You know, so it’s not difficult for me. In fact, that is what excites me. “Oh, this is completely different. I have done this. Let’s do this.” So, this question is not difficult for me. It’s exciting for me.”

Revealing her parenting journey and how she is trying to inculcate the right reading habit in this era of binge-watching on OTT, Shefali shared, “There is a very nice thing I read somewhere: “The most important thing you give your children is roots and wings.” Now, for parents to accept that my children have grown up and are going to make their own decisions is a little difficult for parents. But it is a fact. Mene bachpan mein unhne sikhaya, padhaya. However, finally, what they will do will depend on them as they grow up. And whether they listen to me or not, they will accept what they want. So, I read a lot. And I kept telling the children, “You must read, you will love it.” Both the children were not into reading, which was very sad for me. But then, as they grew up, suddenly they started reading. And not the stuff that I read. I read everything. But they started reading a lot of stuff which tells them life hacks. You know, my older one wants to be a businessman. My younger one wants to do something else. So, they started reading on their own. This realisation happened to them when they started reading. As a parent, honestly, children do what they have to do. You can control them until a certain age. After that, they will do everything.”

The ‘Dish TV Smart+’ service offers all Dish TV and D2H customers, both new and existing subscribers, the ability to enjoy popular OTT apps alongside their selected TV subscription pack. This ecosystem enables entertainment on any screen, at any place, and at any time through Watcho, the OTT Super App, smart devices such as set-top boxes, and smart android STBs. Additionally, Dish TV will partner with leading TV and Mobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to seamlessly incorporate their services into these devices, enhancing the overall user experience.

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