Siddhi Sharma’s Spiritual Journey: From Chanting Krishna’s Kirtan to Channelling Gulki’s Devotion on Screen

Sun Neo’s recently launched show ‘Ishq Jabariya’ revolves around the theme of forced marriages, commonly known as pakadwa vivah. The lead actress of the show, Siddhi Sharma, portraying the character Gulki, has spoken about how her strong spiritual beliefs help her act better. She feels a deep connection between her personal faith and her character on screen, making her role more meaningful and authentic.

Siddhi Sharma opened up about her spirituality, noting, “I am a very spiritual person, and this stems from my mother’s deep devotion to Krishna. Our entire family, especially my mother and I, are consciously religious and hold a strong connection to Krishna. Interestingly, in the show ‘Ishq Jabariya,’ the character I play, Gulki, is a devotee of Durga Bhavani. This connection between my personal beliefs and Gulki’s devotion makes performing scenes related to spirituality feel natural and effortless for me.”

She further added, “In my daily life, I engage in practices like chanting and kirtan. Every morning, when I arrive on set, I make it a point to play the kirtan of Lord Krishna in my makeup room. This ritual helps me maintain my spiritual connection and brings a sense of peace and focus to my day.”

In the recent episode, Mohini is seen getting ready for an upcoming marriage ritual. Mangal was seen coming to Aditya’s house to take him and Gulki to Pakfera. When they reach Ammaji’s house, Aditya becomes curious about Ammaji’s secret, hiding his true reasons. This adds more mystery to the scene. With tensions rising and more secrets emerging, viewers are left excited, waiting to see what happens next in the drama.

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