Shiprra Goyal’s brand-new song, “Attach” is OUT NOW

The Song “Attach,” is sung by Shiprra Goyal ,written by Alfaaz,directed by Sumit Baruah and music by IKKY. She appears in the song as well and looks gorgeous in her costumes. The visual presentation of the song is also a visual treat.

The song is very close to Shiprra meant to express your strong tie and attachment to your love interest. It is well depicted in the video where love grows day by day; it is painful but also calming.

‘Attach’ is a song about heartbreak that expresses emotions from a girl’s perspective. She sings for her female fans every time. She tries to empower them with her songs because she thinks that every girl experiences something in life.

Shiprra Goyal is grateful and inspired by the love and praise that her previous song, which has received 2.6 million views, has received from music fans. She vows to continue doing an excellent job in all of her future songs and establish herself as a writer and composer.

The song is OUT NOW! on Ishaan Kapoor’s Blue Beat Studios’ YouTube music channel, and it has already surpassed half a million views in just a few hours. Shippra insists on hearing the music and feeling the connection with the lyrics and her singing.

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