Shailendra Singh unveils the Jeep for his nationwide rally

Advertising and brand guru Shailendra Singh embarks on a new mission – One India. My India. A nationwide rally to unite the country and every Indian, breaking barriers of religion, culture, caste, gender, and state. Shailendra will travel right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir over 7000 kilometers, 11 states and 15 cities to spread the message of power through unity, love and harmony.

Along the expanse of India, the rally along Shailendra will stop in 15 cities and meet with local heroes and social equality warriors to ideate, exchange thought and reaffirm the power of One India. My India by showcasing his immensely popular and trending hit song recent Anthem4Good titled One India, My India Ek Bharat Mera Bharat -the mission to unite 1.4 billion Indians across India for unity and peace.
“Today in a world that can easily be influenced by social media trends and stories of divisiveness, of petty culture, and of hate, it has become even important for us as people to embrace our diversities and be united by the love for each other and for this magnificent country of ours. I would like to unite our country through my Anthem4good which was co-created with composer, Mithoon. The Anthem will be played out at every interaction we have with locals. I am actually going door-to-door spreading the message of One Love, literally in that sense”, Says Shailendra Singh.

Partnering Shailedra on this cross-country unification rally is Jeep India. The automobile manufacturer has contributed three Jeeps that will be used to cover the rugged terrain across the length of the county.

“This exciting journey will be a long one and we definitely needed a vehicle that can endure this massive distance. And who better than Jeep who are known for their technical brilliance and comfortable feel. I’m glad to collaborate with them for this unifying mission”, says Shailendra Singh.

Shailendra and his team will live stream the journey on YouTube and Facebook in order to take viewers on the journey with him and showcase the cultural richness of our country.

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