Rising talent DAKU brings his latest heartbreak track Adhura

Join Darshan Kataria aka DAKU as he narrates the story of being incomplete in love in this single Adhura

Turning the desires of a broken heart into music, upcoming artist Darshan Kataria, popularly known as DAKU, releases his latest sad love song, Adhura, in collaboration with Sony Music India. The sad romantic track with Lofi Beats and an R&B rhythm has been penned by Darshan and Prashant Sharma while it is composed and performed by Darshan.

The visuals of the song fit perfectly with the vibe of the music, showcasing the pain of a broken heart that feels incomplete and lost in the world after losing the love of their life. The contemporary choreography in the song further captures the sorrow and dejection of the individual perfectly. The song is dedicated to all those who wish to seek refuge for their emotions while feeling melancholic in their thoughts.

Speaking about his new single, Darshan aka DAKU said, “Adhura is the story of every broken heart which feels completely lost and shattered in the world after losing their love. The song is my attempt to capture the emotional roller coaster one goes through during this phase in an authentic way. With this song, I hope to reach a wider audience and that the song earns a place in their heart.”

DAKU is a singer, songwriter, and electronic music producer. With an aim to blend acoustic and electronic elements in his music, DAKU is a promising artist in the independent music industry.


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