Raftaar is the most skilled rapper in India’, says Badshah on India’s Got Talent

Sony Entertainment Television’s talent reality show, ‘India’s Got Talent,’ has been captivating audiences with phenomenal acts performed by skilled individuals from different walks of life. This Saturday, the show promises an evening filled with music as it welcomes the charismatic rapper, Raftaar, and the sensational singer, Jasleen Royal, who will be promoting her chart-topping track, ‘Heeriye.’

One of the highlights of the upcoming episode will be the mesmerizing and impactful rap performance by contestant UNB from Sikkim. And praising the act, Badshah says, “I’m glad that you are exploring more singing in your acts. Your tone is new and it’s very contemporary. Everyone has their own vibe and for me, UNB is a vibe, and it won’t be long before this vibe becomes an emotion. Keep at it.”

Speaking about his bond with Raftaar, Badshah added, saying, “We practice the commercial form of Hip Hop, but Raftaar is the most skilled rapper in India. Why I call him the most skilled and my favorite is because he is the only person who does both, the purest form of hip hop and commercial hip hop, and he excels in both. And more so, he’s not just a great rapper; he’s a true brother. We’ve built a relationship where you can truly count on each other. Just a phone call away, and he’s there.”

In awe of UNB’s performance, guest Raftaar adds, “UNB, I envy you. You’re from Gangtok, Sikkim. But in your rap, there was Punjabi, a bit of Hindi, and your own language; that’s the beauty of India and you define India.”

Furthermore, UNB will express his wish to perform with both his idols – special guest Raftaar and judge Badshah. Both the rap stars will be seen joining UNB on stage and performing with him on Illuminaughty, Ye Ladki Paagal Hai and Call me a Player.


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