Puncch Beat 2 Trailer: Priyank Sharma and Siddharth Sharma’s rivalry intensifies in the second season of ALTBalaji’s youth-drama

Entertaining the viewers with progressive and path-breaking content as always, ALTBalaji offers a plethora of shows from exciting stories, drama, thriller, suspense, horror, comedy to youth drama web series for every age group. After launching successful youth-based shows like Class of 2020, Medically Yourrs, Boygiri, Class of 2017, and many others, the digital platform is all set to take the audiences back to high school this June with the second instalment of its successful youth drama series, Puncch Beat. The teaser and the posters of the show have already created a stir of excitement amongst the millennials.

The first season ended when Ranbir and Rahat, played by Siddharth Sharma and Priyank Sharma, were battling out for the Championship trophy in the finals for the unversed. While it was a tough match and the two were going strong, out of nowhere, Divyanka (Harshita Gaur) entered the ring and knocked Ranbir down with the chair.

The second season will kickstart from where it ended to find out what happens when Rahat and Ranbir enter the ring once again? The upcoming season of the high school drama, Puncchbeat, takes us back to the prestigious institution known as the school of champions, Rosewood High. The new season promises to drop twists after twists while keeping the audience at the edge of their seats as the investigation unfurls the mystery.

The trailer starts with a scenic view of Rosewood High while upbeat music runs in the back. Filled with youthful fun, the show is flavored with freshly brewing romances, glamourous parties, cheerleading, and combat. The drama quotient starts as Rahat is announced as the Head Boy of the Year by Maya Choudhary. This clearly doesn’t go well with Ranbir Choudhary.

Priyank added “We are coming back after a long time and the wait is going to be worth the efforts for all our loyal fans. Its going to be much more complex this season and you will get to see Rahat in a different  shade. Puncch Beat Season 1 was my debut as an actor and I have a different emotion attached with this show. We have also included MMA in this season and this time I have trained hard for it. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the best for us!”


Siddharth Sharma further quips “I am very excited to see the audience’s reaction to the show. Having been living the character since season 1, I find Puncch Beat 2 as my own story. I have been through some ups and downs in my real life and I guess it’s a story of today’s generation where we all have that one “hero“ in school who is the star of all and how his life is influenced by others. Also, family issues are a part of everyone’s life and Puncch Beat is an example that sometimes fairy tales can also get into dark twists. My character Ranbir is on a journey from being the most fascinating guy to being in the darkest zone of life, which audiences will enjoy. Mark your calendar as I say “Fantasy meets dark”.

The trailer also gives a glimpse of the equations that have changed in the show. Padmini and Rahat are the new love birds in Rosewood High, while Ranbir gets a new ally in Meesha. Along with dance, drama, celebrations, preparations, this season will also see a murder. Amping up the drama quotient, audiences will keep guessing the murderer and their victim? A rush of adrenaline awaits you at Rosewood High with a dark twist. Be prepared to remain on the edge of your seats!


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