“Playing Kans has been an exhilarating experience,” says Ram Yashvardhan in Sony Entertainment Television’s Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala

Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological narrative, Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala, weaves a beautiful story of a mother-son bond from Yashoda’s (Neha Sargam) point of view. Highlighting the multi-faceted perspective of a mother, viewers have witnessed how Yashoda is a loving and protective mother who grows cautious of her son having multiple visitors who desire to meet her little Kanha. Kans on the other hand wants to harm Lord Krishna and sends his people time and again to gain victory. Portraying the role of Kans is ace television actor Ram Yashwardhan who talks about his role so far in the show.

Ram Yashvardhan essaying the role of Kans says, “To begin with, playing Kans has been an exhilarating experience and I am glad that the makers found me fit to play a character who has so many layers to bring out on-screen. To bring authenticity in my portrayal, I underwent a thorough process of preparation. I spent a lot of time on my body language and dialogue delivery as when it comes to playing a mythological role, clarity and understanding are the key factors that attract a viewer. I sat down with the director and went over every element of Kans starting from his appearance to body language and more to understand the intricacies of the character.”

He further adds, “The director and the entire cast of the show are very kind and supportive. There is so much positivity on the sets that I tend to forget that I am playing a negative character. We enjoy a lot in between the shots. Moreover, this is the first time a show has woven the relationship between Yashoda Maiyaa and Lord Krishna so beautifully from Yashoda’s point of view. I hope the audience love our show and keep supporting us in our journey.”

Tune in to Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala, every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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