Original tracks from these ALTBalaji shows are the underrated pieces

Music is such a universal language. There’s rarely anyone who wouldn’t appreciate music. With the boom of digital shows, there’s also a boom in original sound tracks. However, a few songs don’t get much recognition despite them being a melodious tracks. Especially the original songs from digital shows, don’t come under radar often. So today on we thought of raising a toast to such underrated gems that digital world has given us. Especially ALTBalaji, which has been giving back to back hit shows, has also given back some soulful tracks. So let’s take a look at some of their extremely underrated ones…

We have listed some amazing soundtracks which will help you

Teri Hogaiyaan – Broken But Beautiful 3, ALTBalaji
Vishal Mishra is one of the highly talented music composers and singers that has come in the industry in the recent times. When he composed Teri Hogaiyaan for Broken But Beautiful 2, it broke several records. For the third season of the same show, Vishal rendered another beautiful version of Teri Hogaiyaan. This song has been receiving rave reviews and fits perfectly in Agastya and Rumi’s love story on ALTBalaji. This song deserves to be the national heartbreak anthem right away. No cap!

Ye Dil – His Storyy, ALTBalaji
The opening track of ALTBalaji’s urban relationship drama His Storyy, was one of the most beautiful parts of the series. While many skip the intro of many series, thanks to Ye Dil, we were hooked to His Storyy’s introduction. Kartik Shah’s melodious music and beautifully written lyrics mix like wine with Savera Mehta’s unusual voice. We bet even the makers didn’t realize the beauty of this song. It’s that mesmerising.

Bematlab – The Married Woman, ALTBalaji
When The Married Woman’s, starring Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra, released a beautiful unplugged song Bematlab, the song became a hot favourite for many. Bematlab is single handled, composed, sung and written by Amrita Bagchi. And if you don’t fall in love with her voice after this song, you do something wrong. It is one of the songs that you listen to while sipping tea in one warm evening reminiscing old days. So do that today if you’ve not done it yet.

Galliyaan- Bebaakee, ALTBalaji
Kushal Tandon, Shivjyoti Rajput, and Karan Jotwani-starrer Bebaakee was a love triangle and no love triangle is complete without awestricken music. Galliyaan by Akhil Sachdeva and Asees Kaur is an absolute winner from this album. We don’t need to mention how magical Asees’ voice is and it blended with Akhil’s soulful vocals take this track to another level. This is the song that will take you back to your old crush maybe.

Bandeya – Crashh, ALTBalaji
Chal bandeya, fir aaja tera ghar hai yehi… Are the beautiful lyrics of this highly underrated song from ALTBalaji’s Crashh. The series revolved around four long lost siblings who are in the quest to find home. The song plays at the crucial moments. And it is indeed a tear jerker. It is criminal that this song is so underrated.

Kudos to ALTBalaji for giving platform to such unique voices and songs. Which one is your favorite song? Let us know in the comments below. Tune to the ALTBalaji app and watch your favourite shows.


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