One Liner King Gautam Singh Vig turns out to be an entertainer and throws a fun banter between Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta

The Bigg Boss house has witnessed its fair share of bonds blossoming, and breaking. A lot of controversies, friendships, and many more things are happening in the first few weeks but still, everybody is appreciating this season as well. In today’s episode, we saw how Shalin Bhanot has been developing a feeling towards Tina Dutta.

But the twist in the story is, he has been flirting equally with Saundarya. If you are an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss, you might have come to know what Gautam has for the latter. Gautam has observed this double-sided game of Shalin and decided to do this.

He took a sweet revenge by reciprocating a fun banter towards Tina Dutta. Not only that his fun banters throughout the episode were worth a laugh. From, ‘Vo Kaha Jayegi Vo Meri Hai to Is Ghar Ka Captain mae hu, mujhe ladkiyon ki safety pe dhyan rakhna padege’ had a fun grip on the show.

Today’s episode was fun-filled because of our very own Gautam Singh Vig. His one-liners are rib-tickling and whenever he comes on the screen, he makes sure that everybody laughs. Right now, Only Gautam is the one person who is making strong bonds inside the house. He looks like one of the most promising players in the house.

Indeed, Gautam was known for his captaincy this week but this side of Gautam is also being appreciated by the viewers.

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