Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is the most fierce yet soft from the heart, claimed by netizens!

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is one of the most trending contestants of the Bigg Boss house since day 1. The actress is best known for her role in Choti Sardarni and now she is winning hearts inside the house. With this, the reality show helmed by Salman Khan is becoming more gripping with each passing day.

Everybody in the house as well as the audience also witnessed the amount of love and care Nimrit shows towards everyone. Apart from that people are loving the chemistry and friendship between Abdu and Nimrit and they called them ‘Nimdu’. While supporting him or giving him any piece of advice she was always there for him.

In today’s task, Bigg Boss asked the contestants to give a report card to Abdu’s captaincy. Most housemates give favourable reviews barring Archana and others. But Nimrit was one of the few contestants who gave Abdu 9.9 out 10 as she feels no one is perfect and there is always scope for improvement. She also advises Abdu to stand up for himself. She is the only person in the house who is hardworking and always participates in every task.

Later in the task, the house got converted into a gold mine and there were two teams. The teams were either for Abdu or against Abdu’s captaincy. But Nimrit stood with Abdu and performed the task with full energy. People say you can’t find friends, in reality show but Nimrit proved everybody wrong.

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