My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission to release in India on 3rd December 2021

PVR Pictures, as part of their exclusive deal with ODEX, the leading Japanese
animation film distributor in South East Asia, is pleased to bring My Hero Academia: World Heroes’
Mission to India. The first movie came out in 2018, with its part two coming out in 2019, both strike
phenomenal sales which exceeded the amount of 17 billion Japanese Yen. Not only within Japan, but
also popular in North America, Central America, Europe as well as Asia. It is fair to say that MHA is a
worldwide renowned IP. The greatly anticipated Movie 3 will for sure exceed the previous episodes
with a PLUS ULTRA scale, and it is going to show on big screen soon!

This time, the story goes beyond the strait, expanding to the rest of the world! Heroes are facing the
hardest mission in MHA’s history!
The story starts in the heroes’ winter internship. The mystery organization “Humarise” is planning to
annihilate every human with “Quirks”. To save them, Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and other U.A. High
students gather with Pro Heroes to form “The World-Selected Hero Team”, to save this world crisis. As
the time is ticking towards the end of the world, can the heroes protect the world?
PVR Pictures is releasing My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission on 3rd December 2021.



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