Mrs. Universe 2022 Popularity and Mrs. India Legacy winner Alisshaa Ohri opens up about her future project?

Alisshaa Ohri is a renowned personality and a prominent face in the modeling industry with her experience and numerous awards in beauty pageants. She has won Diadem Mrs. India Legacy 2021–22 pageant expressing her true beauty and becoming the new face of the brand. This pageant shows her work towards the cause of sensitizing society to a larger scale. The Mrs. India Legacy winner was also witnessed participating in the Mrs. Universe pageant in Bulgaria where she represented India as Middle Asia among 120 participants globally. Alisshaa has proven to be a versatile model with a ready-to-take-up-challenge personality getting famous with the title, ‘Mrs. Universe 2022 Popularity,’ creating a massive fanbase internationally.

Alisshaa is a mother and entrepreneur working towards the empowerment of women and society through her NGO, Shakti Initiative. Her numerous accomplishments and eagerness to explore more segments with the same enthusiasm have made her one of the most inspirational women of our time. Being a mompreneur and a role model for today’s women, Alisshaa also wishes to scour the acting industry, spilling some beans about her upcoming projects.

“I’m glad to declare that 2023 has been remarkable for me and my career until now. Recently, a lot of offers have been barging my way for acting and starring in reality shows. I’m really grateful to all the fans for showering their love and supporting me in my journey and yes, I’ll surely keep you posted with my next steps. I wish I give my best and become the star everybody would look up to.”

She further adds, “My journey in modeling has led me to express my inner self and be confident of who I am. All that I have learned during my journey has helped me to focus and know what my real interests are and test my potential in different fields.”

As a result of her success in modeling, Mrs. Universe 2022 Popularity is highly anticipated to appear in movies and reality shows. The global role model has the eyes and hopes of many admirers on her forthcoming steps.

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